Wednesday, October 12, 2016

K-DRAMA: Angel Eyes


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13 OCT 2016
     I have started watching this drama yesterday, and all I can say is I am hooked! Now, this is not one of those dramas where you fall in love with a few episodes in. No. You will fall in love with this drama on the first episode. I am still in the process of finishing this. I am currently on episode 6. So far, the first 6 episodes have been full of twists! I am quite impressed at how entangled Dong Joo and Soo Wan's fates are. How the drama played their parents and their roles is really impressive. I like how there are no holes to fill here. I still haven't figured out who was the guy who injected the lethal solution into Jung Hwa's (Dong Joo's mom) tube. Well, I do know that Soo Wan's father obstructed in the salvation of Jung Hwa's life, but I am really curious if he is related to the guy who injected the solution. I like the fact that Soo Wan's surgeon dad (Mr. Yoon) was caught in between two roles: a surgeon who saves lives and a father who wants his daughter to see again. I think it was wrong of him to let Jung Hwa die just so he could get an eye donor for Soo Wan. Like, man! Can you not just wait? And I am also angered that even after knowing the fact that Dong Joo's mom was the eye donor, he manipulated Dong Joo further to his advantage. So not only did he let Jung Hwa die, he also got in the way of Dong Joo and Soo Wan's love, and managed to deceive Dong Joo! Not to mention that it was Dong Joo's father who gave his life up trying to save your wife (but failed). Mr. Yoon, you got a storm coming for you!

15 OCT 2016
     I actually finished the last episode today, but did most of the binge watching yesterday. Should I do an episode by episode reaction? UGH! I should have done that instead. Anyways, I am in love with this drama. Everything was knitted perfectly. Nothing was left out. I really fell in love with Park Dong Joo. Where can I buy one Dong Joo? And about Soo Wan's dad, the Chief surgeon, I think I can forgive what he did. It is really surprising what a parent can do for a child. We do stupid things out of love, what more if that love is that of a parent's? Right? It's not like he knew it was Dong Joo's mom! The murderer, though, was Ji Woon's mom. She was the one who injected the lethal tetrodotoxin into Jung Hwa's cannula tubing. She killed Jung Hwa because it was Ji Woon who hit her with his car that day. And being the obsessive mother that she is, she didn't want any stains on his name. She even deceived Ji Woon! She is the true murderer. The drama still gives me feels up until now. I might try to do an episode by episode reaction next time. It's a really good drama! Soo Wan's attitude and behavior did annoy me in the end. She was really inconsistent and indecisive. Nevertheless, it's an A+ for me! :)

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