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DIARY: Life Update

     I was gone for 1 year and 9 months. Isn't that crazy? A lot has happened. I was 18 years old when you last heard from me. I am 20 years old now, and in the time I was gone, I made a lot of decisions. Big decisions. Not to mention walking in different directions and making huge turns. From taking a detour to getting completely lost. Life is fun. And by fun, I mean very eventful and full of surprises.
     Okay, so I am gonna go by months while updating everything. I figured it's easier that way.
     JANUARY 2015
     I went to college. I was supposed to attend in the Fall of 2014, which was around September of 2014, but it didn't really work out. I took 2 classes if I remember correctly, and it was just to get my feet wet and get acclimated. Around this time was when I started noticing this one guy from my English class. Who knew I'd end up dating him?
     FEBRUARY-MAY 2015
     Well, I didn't make a lot of friends in my first semester. I think I only made 3 friends at the college, which wasn't so bad. I was alone most of the time, but heck, I got good grades. Easy peasy because I only took 2 courses. LOL! But the fun part this semester was I got to stalk my crush. Stalking is kind of a scary word. I would rather say "admired from afar." Better. Just your typical girl, I guess? I emailed him from time to time, asking how to do this and that. It was school-related. At the end though, I asked him his number, and we just texted throughout the summer break. Sorta. We texted once every two weeks. Not so bad. Also, my grandparents (stepdad's side), visited us again! It was nice seeing them! Oh, and we also went to Kurt's birthday party. Had fun with his family!
     JUNE 2015
     We went to visit my family in Texas. We stayed at their house in Grand Prairie and just went to some places in Dallas after. It was really fun hanging out with my cousins especially when our Uncle Jun was around. He was always the butt of jokes! LOL! We went to the AT&T stadium and attended Dustin's (my cousin) graduation party. Congrats to him! Not only that, my parents went out a lot to go house hunting. They had plans to move to Texas, but I didn't really expect it would be too soon...
     JULY 2015
     We went fishing at Cowanesque Lake! Got tanned! Most of the days, I just stayed home and babysat Parker. I was totally drained doing so because he's so energetic. Now that I look back, although he was a handful, the kid actually made my bland summer days a bit interesting and fun. And I miss him, too. A lot.
     AUGUST 2015
     Okay, so my August of 2015 was hella busy! On the first week, Kuya Rav, Andy, Dominic, my brother, and I went to Knoebels! Andy and Dominic were a bit withdrawn from getting on the rides, but that didn't stop me from getting on the roller coasters with Cyril and Kuya Rav! I think we got on the 2 roller coaster twice each! I wanted to beat my record of 13 times with Katherine, but I really didn't want to make Andy and Dominic wait. Well, they really couldn't be egged on to ride it. I think even Andy got annoyed that I was insisting they go. I did manage to get both of them to ride the boat thingy, which, I think, caused Dominic to react weird physically. Guilty me! Other than that, it was fun!
     After a few days, it was time to go to New Jersey to attend KCON with Helena, my friend from Indiana. The trip didn't go as planned though. I was at fault here. We didn't get a good hotel room. It was a bit too late when we booked one because we weren't sure if Helena was still up for the KCON. The time was too short, and New York traffic is hell, I tell ya! My mom was even inconsiderate enough to pick Helena up at the airport 5? 7 hours late. Shame. Nevertheless, we did go to places. We've ate at Jollibee, gone to the beach, amusement park, KCON, concert, and the Statue of Liberty at Staten Island. We were a bit late to KCON, so we didn't get to enjoy the full experience. Thanks NY traffic! We went to the beach, and we just kinda went for a dip. There were a lot of people. We got on the scary ferris wheel. We got on the roller coaster twice, too! Now that was fun! The Statue of Liberty was awesome, too! Definitely a memorable experience.
     Another thing that happened this month was Kurt's flight back to the Philippines. It was saddening. He got back safe, so that's all that matters. He went back to go to college and pursue Computer Engineering. And I don't know if he did it because I jokingly said some time in the past that I wouldn't marry an engineer, but either way, I know he's gonna do well. He is, after, our batch's "Emperor of Logarithm." LOL!!!
     By the second week, I already started my classes for the Fall semester of 2015. This semester, though, was really fun! I made a lot of friends! And this was when I met my best friend, Thu! I also met a very close friend, Mong! The three of us would hang out together occasionally. It was really fun being with them. We shared stories and laughed loudly in public! And we even ate lunch together. I also met a lot of people who shared the same interests. We talked a lot during classes! One thing that I find funny up to this day is the fact that Nathan's, aka the guy I admired from afar, classroom was just next to mine. I actually thought I would never see him again, but there he was, first day of school!
     SEPTEMBER 2015
     September went by fast. It was just one of the months I barely have memories of. I did start to love all of my classes. Especially my Anatomy and Physiology class. I always sucked at science, and I have always wanted to pursue Law; however, after falling in love with A&P, I decided to take the health science path. And as the months went by, I found out I excelled at it, and it's quite fun.
     OCTOBER 2015
     Got asked by Nathan to go to the homecoming carnival our college hosts every year! Made me jump like a madwoman! Well, the rest is history. It was a night of bittersweet memories. Looking back, although it wasn't what I expected, it was really a good memory that Nathan and I now just laugh about. I still tease him about it, too! It was his first time on the ferris wheel, considering that he's afraid of heights; and it was my first time on the spinny thingy (I still don't know what that ride is called, considering I have vertigo. I guess you can say we had our "first" on a ride together. Thu went with me to the carnival before I met up with Nathan, and Thu and I acted like children. It was hilarious!!! We were literally laughing a lot, and I even forced her to go on the carousel! What a kid!
     By the end of October, we went to Albany, New York, to visit my mom's friend, Tita Liza. We went sight seeing. Went downtown and in one of the museums. Would wanna go back!
     NOVEMBER 2015
     This month was when Nathan told me he liked me. It was on the 11th of November... we both knew that 11:11 has always been special to us. We used to do it a lot.
     DECEMBER 2015-JANUARY 2016
     New Year's eve was fun like always. Filipinos gather together and celebrate it at Tita Cora's house.
     Second week of January, it was the first day of the Spring semester. Nathan and I have been talking over the Christmas break, and when we first saw each other, we hugged. It was nice to see him again! He also made me a small teddy bear figurine made out of polymer clay! It was nicely done, and it was literally the cutest! I also attended Hanan's, one of my closest friends at Penn College, graduation! So proud of that girl! Sadly, she moved back to Saudi Arabia a few days after I last seen her. We still contact each other from time to time on Snapchat.
     FEBRUARY 2016
     Valentine's Day was super memorable this year! Nathan made me a rose from white paper and gave me a box of chocolates! He left it in my locker, which was super nice of him. It's like high school musical except it's college musical? LOL! And a week after that, he bought me gold cross necklace. He warmed up to me really fast, and we talked a lot, too! Kurt sent me a bouquet of flowers, too, for VDay, which was really nice of him.
     MARCH-MAY 2016
     The past few months have been rocky for Nathan and I. Well, through text, at the very least. It's something we both don't like to talk about a lot, too. We both did do everything we could, and we are still doing it. In between the horrible texting experiences, we did hang out a lot. We held hands, hugged, and kissed. It was really nice to be with him. It was like a Romeo and Juliet kinda thing, too, since my parents don't approve things like this while I am studying. All I know was I was in love, and it was bittersweet, but that was okay. By April, I went to an All-American Rejects concert with Stephanie! It was lit!
     JUNE 2016
     Met with Nathan one last time... before we moved to Texas... it was one of the most painful experiences... we decided to push through it despite the distance... and make it last however we can. You can only do so much for someone you love. I can truly say that I love him beyond what I thought was my limit... and I try to love him even more than what I can every time. Also, around the second week, I found out we had a family of kitties living in our backyard! I kittynap the kittens from time to time, We fed them, though, and I returned them to their mom home at the end of the day.
     JULY 2016
     We drove from Pennsylvania to Texas a day after my birthday. My, how I hate road trips! I mean, I don't mind traveling, but to sit my ass in the car for 10 hours a day is not so fun. We stayed at hotels twice I think? Just for the nights we needed rest. I texted Nathan throughout. And I started missing him terribly ever since.
    A bit... sad. That is all I can say.

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  1. It's great to see you back! Nice to hear from you again, and with a very detailed post about your life, although the end of the post left me worried :c
    i hope you're doing okay, and that the rest of your year turns out a lot less sad than aug-sept turned out to be! <3

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