Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Kpop: My KPOP Summer Playlist (2014)

Hello everybody! If you all don't mind, I'm going to share my KPOP summer playlist for the year 2014! I mean, it's already fall in the US and I thought the best way to end summer is to dwell on it. And what better way to dwell on summer than to post summer songs? I know, bad logic.

1. Solo Day by B1A4

Monday, September 29, 2014

Beauty: Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker; REVIEW!

Hello my lovely readers! How have you all been? Today I am going to review another beauty item for you. We stopped by at Ulta while my boyfriend and I were wandering around the mall and this cute beauty candy here caught my eye. I am not gonna lie, I was a little intimidated because $30 for a compact cream foundation screamed "rip-off!". But I gave in. I mean, come on! How can you resist this packaging?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Travels: Boating at Bald Eagle

Last week, we went boating at Bald Eagle lake and it was very nice! I took random pictures and it all turned out pretty good. I was taking pictures most of the time and when I wasn't, I was reading a Harry Potter book. Nothing much happened so there's basically nothing to write about. We just chilled while the day quickly passed by.

Monday, September 15, 2014

All Kpop: B1A4 Solo Day Album Version A; UNBOXING!

Hello everybody! How are you all? Today I am going to unbox another KPOP album, isn't that great? It's been a while since I updated my ALL KPOP tag and it's about time!

We bought this at Soompi for $17.99 (shipping fee not included) with my B1A4 Let's Fly album ($13.99). What I like about Soompi is they offer free shipping for purchases $38 above. Not only that, but they also ship fast! We bought my EXO XOXO albums on Soompi and we received it in just 2 weeks! This time, we received the package in less than 3 weeks! It's just a bummer that they don't have great deals like album+poster+freebies.

Beauty: Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ; REVIEW!

Hi guys! I wasn't sure where to tag this post at first but I figured since this is also considered makeup I should tag this to "beauty". Today I will be reviewing Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ face and body paint in white. Why did I buy this? Well, dear reader, I will be attending a comic convention this September 27 and I will be cosplaying a female version of the JOKER. Yes, yes, that is why I bought this; I needed a white face paint for my Joker makeup! I had a hard time finding reviews about this product so I thought, hey, I am going to make a review of this because this is an awesome buy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beauty: Victoria's Secret Travel Brush Set; REVIEW!

   Hello lovelies! Today, I will be reviewing Victoria's Secret's Travel Brush Set. I bought this at Victoria's Secret for $30 and at first I thought it was so damn expensive for a set of brushes which are not even full-size to begin with but after testing the brushes, I guess I can say they're good enough!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thoughts: Expressions

   Expression is a vital aspect of life often overlooked that it became something unmindful; like breathing. We express ourselves through art, literature, music, cuisine, pottery and what not, that we become living portraits on canvases, letters on pages, music on staves, spices on soup and flower pots. We become what we express and that is the purpose of expression after all. We breathe life into something until it comes to life. We never cease to create who we are and we will keep on doing so until we become the masterpieces we strive to be.

czarina x