Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beauty: Victoria's Secret Travel Brush Set; REVIEW!

   Hello lovelies! Today, I will be reviewing Victoria's Secret's Travel Brush Set. I bought this at Victoria's Secret for $30 and at first I thought it was so damn expensive for a set of brushes which are not even full-size to begin with but after testing the brushes, I guess I can say they're good enough!

   This comes in a cute pink case (I got mine in VS' traditional skin) so this is expensive for a reason. The case is very sturdy and even if I throw this out my window, the brushes would still be in perfect condition (of course that was a joke).

This set contains 5 brushes:
     • All-over face brush
     • Blush brush
     • All-over eye shadow brush
     • Eye defining brush
     • Angled eye liner brush

    It has a fairly wide mirror inside good enough for traveling.


   This brush is fluffy and dense; it works well with blush and setting powder and is not scratchy at all. In fact, this brush has long bristles that it's sometimes flimsy. The handle is as short as my middle finger and I wouldn't have it any other way; if this came in with a long handle, this will be hard to control because of the bristle length. I wouldn't use this for powder foundation because it's not resistant enough to spread foundation evenly and smoothly and it wouldn't give you full coverage.


   Blush brush? More like angled contour brush. I don't see myself using this for blush because it's too small for that. This, however, is good for contouring. It won't give you that subtle face contour big contour brushes give; what it will give you is a sharp cheek contour because I doubt this is big enough for anybody's face. You can't use this for face contouring because this is angled; if you can use angled brushes for face contouring please let me know because I find that quite difficult and undoable.


   I am in love with this brush! It is shaped like a paddle brush but it is denser. The tip isn't pointed but it is also not cut straight. I find this excellent for packing eyeshadow and spreading color. I won't use this for blending though, it is too sharp and too long for that. If you want to go for a crease-cut, this will do, too, but I can't say it will do well because it doesn't for me.


   This is my 2nd favorite next to the eye shadow brush. This is my go-to brush when I apply color on my outer V. I am obsessed with this brush simply because it's very useful. It is angled but isn't cut too sharp. It is soft enough for blending shadow to my crease as well. It is not too stiff so it can only do light results. It can be a little messy and challenging but with more practice, this can show you great wonders!


   This is great for thin lines but this is too thin for cat eyes and defined eye liner. You can't use this for a brow brush because this is too thin for that as well but if you have sparse brows and you want that pointy and thin (almost tattooed) brows then why not? Lastly, this won't give you precision because the handle is too short. 


• all five brushes are soft
• half of the brushes are dense
• sturdy case
• synthetic bristles
• do not shed


• eyeliner brush is too small
• expensive

Rate: 9.5/10

   Would I recommend it? I honestly wouldn't price-wise. You can get cheaper deals than this one. But they are good! I just wish they sold it a little less expensive. That's it for this review! I hope you enjoyed stopping by. See you on my next entry! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥


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