Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Kpop: My KPOP Summer Playlist (2014)

Hello everybody! If you all don't mind, I'm going to share my KPOP summer playlist for the year 2014! I mean, it's already fall in the US and I thought the best way to end summer is to dwell on it. And what better way to dwell on summer than to post summer songs? I know, bad logic.

1. Solo Day by B1A4

2. 200% by Akdong Musician

3. Give Live by Akdong Musician

4. Touch My Body by Sistar

5. Red by Hyuna

6. Rum Pum Pum Pum by F(x)

7. What's Happening? by B1A4

8. Falling in Love by 2ne1

9. HAPPY by 2ne1

10. GOTTA BE YOU by 2ne1

11. Mental Breakdown (MTBD) by CL

12. Don't Go by EXO (K+M)

13. Mr. Mr. by Girls' Generation

14. Growing Pains 2 by Cold Cherry (The Heirs OST)

15. Swing by Super Junior M

16. Red Light by F(x)

That's it for my KPOP summer playlist! I actually have a lot more in my iPod but it would take me forever to list all of them. Got your own KPOP playlist? I would be glad to read about it on the comments section down below! Stay tuned for more!


  1. Great ^___^

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  3. looks like tons of fun! thanks for sharing this music although it was said to say good bye to summer!

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