Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beauty: Victoria's Secret's Body Lotion + Eau De Parfum Rollerball PINKGift Set; REVIEW!

Hi lovelies! I am back for another entry and today I am going to review 2 Victoria's Secret goodies! But of course, I will leave the other one for a separate post just so this won't get picture-heavy.

I honestly don't know what this gift set's name is so the item name you see on the title bar above is completely made up by moi. First off, I didn't buy this rather I received this as a gift so if tita Vicky/Sora is/are reading this, thank you po!

The items came in a gorgeous box like so. I mean, it is metallic and it reflects light so the rainbow effects you see is because of that. The gift set contains 2 things: a body lotion and a eau de parfum rollerball. 

I researched about this set and didn't find anything. I am not sure if this is a clearance item or a limited edition. It says on the price tag that you can buy this for $18 so this is affordable if you'd ask me.

The body lotion came in a cute packaging. I don't know if you can see it but the squeeze tube has transparent polkadots around itㅡsuper cute! See more information below.

I would like to put this out there: This lotion smell so nice! It smells like "Sampaguita" and I can't think of any flower that's more suiting than thatㅡat the back it says "Mandarin, Neroli flower and Peony" but I really don't have a keen nose to say that it does smell like those. Also, I doubt that this would appeal to everyone because the floral scent is a little strongㅡalmost with a hint of citrus. But it fades the longer you have it on. I had it on for 24 hours and I only applied it on my hand but the next day the scent was still there. Its moisturizing power is quite impressive; I would say this lasted me at least 6 hours (the last time I checked to see if it's still effective).


• Cute and hygienic packaging
• Smells nice
• Long-lasting
• Moisturizing
• Lightweight


• The scent might not appeal to everyone

Rate: 8/10

Next thing is the eau de parfum rollerball and let me say this first: It's super cute! It smells like your typical cheap perfume. It kinda reminds me of alcohol (the disinfecting one) which overwhelmed the floral/fruity scent that came after the kick. But overall, I think it smells fine. I just don't see anything special about it. Oh, and its after-scent is unpleasant; It mixes with sweat (I don't know if you think this is a myth but I have perfumes that still smell nice even when I sweat).


• This will last you a long time
• Lasted me 6 hours
• Travel-friendly
• Smells nice


• Ordinary
• Unpleasant after-scent
• Overwhelming ethyl alcohol scent

Rate: 6.5/10

Would I recommend this? Honestly, no. I think I can buy something better than this for $18. If they sold the lotion individually then maybe I would repurchase. Also, I really should stop reviewing stuff like thisㅡnot that I don't like it, I just think that these products take up a lot of effort, thought and time to put in an entry but if you guys want me to keep reviewing this kind of stuff, please comment down below.

That's it for this entry! Hope you enjoyed reading along. Stay tuned for more! Stay beautiful! ♥


  1. So cute dear^^ I like rollerball perfume, because they are comfy!

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