Monday, October 20, 2014

All Kpop: UNIQ Debuted!

Hello everyone! Today, I will be writing about a newly-debuted KPOP boy-group that I have been eyeing since the week they first boomed on social media sites (it is all thanks to Eka).

A brief introduction to the group: They are all so damn gorgeous. I don't know everything about them but as far as I know I can say that they trained under YG for a couple of years but they are actually under the management of Yue Hua which is somewhat affiliated with Pledis. I know, it confused me, too. I will clear things up on another post once I go sasaeng mode (not literally).

The teasers were first uploaded on September 17, 20, 23, 24 and 26 on UNIQ's Youtube channel (uniqyeah) and 5 of the main teasers were re-uploaded on LoenEnt (loenent) on October 6.

Comment/s: I heard that he is friends with Winner's Jinwoo (one of my baes) and that he was suppose to debut as a Winner member but some things happened (?) and that's as far as I can tell. He is a good singer, too! And he doesn't look like your typical Korean idol. Sung Joo, I wish you ditched those slippers.

Comment/s: The bae. The bae. The bae. It was like love at first sight for me because the moment Erika showed me the first UNIQ pictures that were uploaded, I already called dibs on Wang Yibo. I usually fall for the maknae, dancer or Chinese member of the group but Wang Yibo is the complete-package. I just hope that he's an angel and that he's a dork. If he's a manly man who would like to americanize himself (considering the fact that he trained under YG and this is YG we're talking about here, people) then he might turn me off. /sobs/

Comment/s: Seung Yeon, your crooked teeth is your asset. Please don't get it fixed. I think you are cute just the way you are. You also look like Lee Jong-Suk, Jinyoung and Daesung's love child. Oh, and one last thing: Your face screams hello kitty but your voice screams Grim Reaper.

Comment/s: Nobody gave Wen Han the permission to look this hot. If I were a cop, I'd lose my job if Wen Han doesn't stop this. He just had to take of his shirt, he just had to. I am so sorry for your fangirl hearts. P.S. your bunny teeth is so cute please don't get it fixed.

Comment/s: 2nd bae. 2nd bae. 2nd bae. There was a frame in the video where he looked like Suho (EXO), high-five if you found it! I really like his vampire look; I think it's his smile. He has prominent fangs and I think that is shmexy. Needless to say, his eyes are so beautiful; Chinese beautiful.

Comment/s: "We are ninja turtles." I don't know which is more cringe-worthy: The awkward grammar or the ninja turtles. Just to get things clear, I have read somewhere that they are singing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle soundtrack in China so at least they have a reason, right? I'd be more concern if they sing and include it solely for the album.

Comment/s: Alas! The MV teaser! When I first saw this I think I passed out especially when it was Yibo's screen time.

Comment/s: I was surprised when I saw this and the first thing that popped in my mind was why would they promote without releasing the song and music video first? Meh, maybe they like to do it the opposite way. I think Sung Joo is a great singer. They are all singing live; for a rookie that is quite impressive.

Comment/s: I was disappointed that they cut Yixuan's part. One, he only sang one line. Two, he is the leader. Three, he is gorgeous. /deep sigh/ Don't feel super bad, Yixuan only sings one line in the Korean version of the song but in the Chinese he sings a verse. Oh, and yay, YueHua fired (not) their previous designer who made UNIQ wear those awkward checkered uniforms.

The best way to end this entry is to link their official music video! I have waited for a month for this and now that it's here, I feel so violated as a fangirl because come on! They look like gods here. /whispers yibo/ Also, I was glad and relieved that UNIQ is a "typical" and "cute" boy group. I really don't like it when kpop groups cuss-rap and wear Western clothes (I like BB and 2ne1, though). Not that I hate it, I just don't prefer it. I think UNIQ will succeed faster if they start off cute and playful. Save the serious stuff for later.

So what do you think of UNIQ? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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