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Beauty: Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ; REVIEW!

Hi guys! I wasn't sure where to tag this post at first but I figured since this is also considered makeup I should tag this to "beauty". Today I will be reviewing Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ face and body paint in white. Why did I buy this? Well, dear reader, I will be attending a comic convention this September 27 and I will be cosplaying a female version of the JOKER. Yes, yes, that is why I bought this; I needed a white face paint for my Joker makeup! I had a hard time finding reviews about this product so I thought, hey, I am going to make a review of this because this is an awesome buy!

It says at the back of the box that this is water activated. It also says something that I don't quite understand:

Do not use red, yellow or orange in the area of the eye or blue or green on the lips. May cause irritation.

What did I just read? If you guys have any idea what it meant, please let me know!

I got mine in white!

Note: the intensity of the color depends on how much water you put in the paint. The lesser water you put; the more the color shows. Be mindful, though. If you don't put enough water in it will get really pasty and it will drag your skin upon application. Why? Less water means less time to dry!

It also says on the box that it is "enriched with vitamins and skin soothing ingredients". Now, I painted my face white first before I read the back info. When I washed the paint off... it felt like my skin became less oily; kinda like it was powdered. It felt strange but I liked it. So when I read the information mentioned above, I was very delighted. Not only that, but the paint smells like coconut! This is just a wonderful treasure find for me!

The paint stays in place and doesn't smudge. However, it can be a little tricky to apply all over the face; With practice it gets better. It is not ashy and doesn't look like my face is layered with loads of paint. It isn't thick even if you apply it thick. I don't like how the paint doesn't cover my tan skin. I still get visible skin but I guess more layering will do the trick (it's just inconvenient, that's all). Be careful on layering as well! If you don't do it right, you won't even out the whole layer with this because like I said, this spreads light on the skin.


• coconut scent
• skin soothing ingredients that really work
• soft on the skin
• very pigmented
• cheap


• a little tricky to apply

Rate: 9.5/10

That is it for this review! For cosplayers out there who are looking for a white face paint or just face paint in general, I would recommend you Mehron face paints! They have it in different colors and they are pretty cheap, I got mine for $8.46 but if you go to their official site I think they sell it for $12+ (I got mine at! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you on my next one. Annyeong! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥

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