Monday, September 29, 2014

Beauty: Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker; REVIEW!

Hello my lovely readers! How have you all been? Today I am going to review another beauty item for you. We stopped by at Ulta while my boyfriend and I were wandering around the mall and this cute beauty candy here caught my eye. I am not gonna lie, I was a little intimidated because $30 for a compact cream foundation screamed "rip-off!". But I gave in. I mean, come on! How can you resist this packaging?

I bought mine in medium. Just so everybody knows, I only saw three shades on display. I'm not sure if there are more shades but since most makeup are displayed in available shades, I assume there are only three shades.

I just have to put this out there: I dislike cream foundations in compacts. I think it's very unhygienic, need I say more? I am the type to easily break out so this vexes me whenever I use this.

When I applied the cream to my face, it glided on smoothly. I have used both a brush and the sponge and personally, I like applying this with a brush. The sponge is flimsy and it drags my skin upon application, not only that, I also find it difficult to even the foundation with the sponge since its shape is edgy. I would recommend you use a brush so you can blend this easily, better yet if you have a beauty blender. I would say the coverage ranges from light to medium; I have dry and flaky skin right now because it's already getting cold so I got a medium coverage from this. I didn't fancy this that much even though every review out there said this is brilliant. It's lasting power is from 4-5 hours. You may have to reapply this if you don't set it with a powder. Oh, and one last thing: this might get ashy for people with dry skin because this a cream foundation that magically sets into a powder finish (it did say it's a foundation faker, right?). If you have dry skin you may want to opt for a cream foundation that stays cream. But I think this will do good for people with oily skin. I have tried this on one morning when my face is usually oozing with oil (gross!) and it did pretty well. If it turns ashy on dry skin, then this will control oil well.


• Light to medium coverage
• Does not oxidize
• Travel-friendly packaging
• Lasts fairly long
• Might control oil well


• The sponge
• Unhygienic packaging
• Might look ashy on dry skin (subjective)
• Lack of shades
• Expensive (personal)

Rate: 7.5/10

If this foundation worked out in your favor, good for you! I hope I was somehow informative. Thank you for stopping by! See you on my next post! Stay beautiful! ♥

P.S., my skin is a combination of oily and dry. That is all, hehe.


  1. $30 for a foundation is pretty steep, but I'm intrigued in it's properties of possibly helping with oil control, my skin gets oily and it's so horrible! May try this if I can find it anywhere cheaper. Lovely packaging though! Great post!
    Tara x

  2. This packing is so cool! I love it :-)