Sunday, October 2, 2016

Diary: I am back!

     In this entry, I will explain why I was gone for almost 2 years, why I decided to blog again, what changes will be made, and a bunch of other stuff and updates that I might ramble about mindlessly.
     Well, the last post I made before I went on a break was my review of the Real Technique's brush sets. That was on the last week of December, which means it was nearing New Year by then. I went to a lot of parties and gatherings that year, and I was just about to start college. That pretty much summed up why I was gone for so long. I was basically busy with friends, family, school, and traveling. Oh! And I was also babysitting this kid, Parker! I guess you can say that academics and babysitting took most of my free time away, so I rarely made posts since then. When I had my day offs from school and such (Fall break, Christmas break, Spring break, Summer break), babysitting ate most of my time and energy. And yes, yes, I know some people juggle more things more efficiently, but hey, I guess I just don't have that trait in my DNA! I do hope I get to update more often now even if it's just for the sake of expressing myself.
    I decided to blog again because I have lots of time in my hands at the moment. In my spare time, I noticed that I only rotate between cooking, dancing, and switching from Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook in that order. I even gained weight. Well, I lost weight, then started gaining it back just recently. I think. Plus, writing is my forte. It is very therapeutic for me.
   Changes. Hmm. Well, I can say that I might stop reviewing every single beauty item that comes my way. That's for sure. I used to get excited when I buy little beauty products before mainly because I didn't buy a lot of makeup back then, so a $5 lipstick was something so glorious that I had to make a lengthy post about it. LOL! Over the months, I have bought tons of makeup, and maybe that's also why I stopped the reviews; I (got lazy) couldn't review every single one of them and live up to the I-gotta-make-a-review-post-for-every-single-product-I-buy thing that was the whole point of this blog. I will still make reviews of those products, but not just in the manner that I used to do before. You know, writing a college dissertation for a $8 concealer is probably not a good idea. I might do those reviews collectively and brief. K.I.S.S! (Beaston, 2015).
     As for updates, a lot has happened in the 1 year and 9 months. I went to college, traveled here and there, love life, hung out with my friends, went to parties and gatherings, and moved to a different state. I will make a separate post for this, I guess? It's quite a lot to fit in one entry even I am starting to get bored looking at the paragraphs.
     That's it for now! The rest of the updates will be in my next entries.

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