Monday, March 31, 2014

Beauty: Makeup Brushes For Beginners!

   Hello my beautiful bear! I am back for another entry and today we will have a little chit-chat about makeup brushes. 

   No matter how expensive your makeup is, the secret to a clean cut eye makeup, well-contoured cheekbones, and sharply defined eyeliner is the tools you use. Brushes are essential and you should always consider using them on your daily makeup routine!

   I know that makeup brushes can be a little hot in the pocket however they are worth the buy! Remember that you should thoroughly research the brushes you are going to invest in. Here I have suggestions for makeup rookies and/or for those who are in budget. 

• Sonia Kashuk

Her brushes are amazing according to most reviews that I have read and watched. She also sells them in an affordable price! You can get 10 golden brushes for $30! That's not a bad deal for a limited edition set! Her brushes are very impressive price-wise! If you think she is not legit I'll have you know she is in partnership with Target; a famous retail store in the US. You can purchase her brushes in Target or online, I'll link her shop below!

• Born Pretty Store

   If you're looking for super cheap but decent brushes then Born Pretty Store should be one of your options! Based on most reviews, Born Pretty Store makes quality makeup and nail art brushes. They are pretty cheap, too! Some say they are not the best but they are indeed good! I say these brushes are great for beginners since they have a wide range of varieties of makeup brushes which I think is superb!

• Ecotools

   Ecotools have amazing brushes. Just by looking at it you know they're high quality and are given so much care in manufacturing. The handles of the brushes are made from woodㅡbamboo, I think? And the Ecotool name is carefully embossed in every brush! They are eco-friendly, thus the brand name. I've watched video reviews about these and I saw how fluffy and dense they are! I am thinking of buying them soon, hehe. Link is down below! 

• e.l.f. (eyeslipsface)

   Yet again, another good quality brush brand you must get your hands on!

• Real Techniques

   I have heard wonderful things about Real Techniques brushes! Most bloggers I visit use them! These are brushes from Youtuber Samantha Chapman, who is also a makeup artist. I might get a set of these soon and I will update you all if I change my opinion about them.

   Now, for the not-so-yet-a-little expensive sets!

• Sigma

   Also known as "MAC BRUSHES SOLD HALF THE PRICE"! Almost all the famous makeup gurus in Youtube use themㅡI am not even kidding! Bethany Mota has them and she's just one of the many gurus I can remember who use these brushes. Sigma brushes are as good as MAC brushes like they say but they are half the price. I am dreaming of getting one someday! Yay, Sigma!

• Bubbi Brushes

   I AM OBSESSED WITH HER BRUSHES! I know that I sound biased but believe me, I have been a bubscriber way before big bang happened! If you watch her videos, you would know how much love and effort were given in making these brushes! She and Tim even packed these themselves! She handles them as if they're her second childㅡshe is pregnant right now, haha! I have been eyeing her brushes since the day she first released them; every review I have read praised her brush line! The sad part is that, her brushes aren't that famous and market competitive but I believe it'll squeeze through the others soon! They are a little pricey, but they're excellent! Trust me in this one! :-)

   That's it for our "short" talk about brushes! I hope I was somehow helpful to you. I would also like to get some feedbacks about this post if you're too kind because of some reasons (refer to my disclaimers). I may add more brushes when I get to research more but for now please bear with these. See you in my next post! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥


• I do not own any of these brushes. My opinions are based from research, blog reviews, and video reviews.
• If I somehow appeared bias it is only because I have eyed those brushes long enough to know a lot about them.
• These are my own opinions. I am not paid or told to say these things.
• Any hurtful statements (if there are any) mentioned above are completely unintentional.
• Brush qualities are dependent variables. One brush may be for someone's liking but not for yours and otherwise. How you take care of brushes and how often you use them are also quality factors.
• My goal is to suggest affordable brushes by giving a brief overview of their qualities BASED on summarized blog and video reviews.


  1. The first set looks very good! ^^
    Thank you for the tips dear!

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. Ecotools brushes were the first brushes that i used when i first started wearing makeup ^^
    They're really good quality and sooo cheap! I currently use the Bubbi brushes and I LOVE THEM ♥
    I'd really like to try the real techniques brushes one day though because i've heard that they're really good hehe~
    Thanks for sharing hun! Following you now ♥