Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beauty: Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser; REVIEW!

   Hi, lovely! I am back for another item review! I'll try to keep this short and straight to the point; I said I'll "try".

   Today I'll be reviewing Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. I've read reviews about this product before and I've been dying to try one myself. Let's see if this is parallel to what everyone says about it. The product rests on a cardboard insert and is sealed into place by a hard plastic cover. It claims that you'll "get poreless smooth-looking skin" after use.

I think I paid more than what I got. I've read that you can get this for $5-6, however we bought this for $8 at KMart. What a rip-off. Oh, and it was almost sold out when we got this. There were only 2 left hangin' in the make up department.

Information at the back of the cardboard insert:

The product itself:

As for the packaging, I'll give a point for the squeeze tube! It's very hygienic, and you can easily manage the desired amount since the opening isn't that wide. It stands 4 inches from bottom to the end of the tube, excluding the flap.

Here's a sample on my finger. This feels very light. This is completely transparent and fragrance free. It is silicone based so if you're not into silicone based products, I wont recommend this to you. Although it looks heavy it actually is very light and easy to apply. In terms of weight and application, this is more preferable than the Monistat Chafing GelㅡI know, I'm one of those girls who tried using that as a primer.

   Alright! Let's get this product workin'! Try to spot the difference. This primer has a matte finish. It did fill my pores but it didn't smoothen my face. It feels very light, it's as if I am not wearing any primer at all! I am quite impressed. My foundation (Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Teint in 27 Alabaster N) glided smoothly on my face and didn't crease after 4 hours! It works just as it claims on the packaging: it will blur your pores. BUT, it most certainly wont ERASE it. It's kinda funny, though. In the cardboard it states that it will blur your pores and will erase (title reference) them as well. It just doesn't make any sense. Is it going to blur or is it going to erase my pores? But, yeah, the blurring function works. Maybelline, don't mislead us with your product labels. 


• lightweight
• matte finish
• easy to apply
• blurs out small pores
• long-lasting
• hygienic packaging
• works well with foundation (personal)
• a little goes a long way
• cheap (retails)


• misleading title
• pricy (personal)

Rate: 8/10

   That's it, blogbear! I hope you enjoyed this review! I hope to see you on my next blogpost. Be well! A happy bear is a lucky bear. ♥


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  8. This product seems kind of cool with all the blurring and erasing of pores, I didn't get it cause I'm quite skeptical of it like how can a translucent gel erase my pores but after reading this maybe I'll give it a shot! x


  9. I've seen reviews about this a month ago and they all love it. I want to try it but I always forget to but it. Uggggh. Thanks for sharing this and for unintentionally reminding me. Hahaha! :)

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  10. LOVE this review!!! thanks for the comment on my NUME wand review. ;) I am loving the music on your blog too :)


  11. Thank you for sharing! I actually haven't really heard much about this product...and I also haven't seen it in stores!