Sunday, March 9, 2014

K-cosmetics: Lovely ME:EX Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream #3 White Floral; REVIEW!

   Annyeong, blogbear! How was your day? I hope you are well! I am back for another item review!

   So, last Wednesday (March 5th, 2014), two small packages were delivered to my doorstep. Here are my packages:

   I will be reviewing one package at a time. This package contains a skin care product from THE FACE SHOP. The product was delivered as it is in the pictures: inside a small brown box, wrapped in bubble wrap, sealed in thin plastic. If you're a sucker for cutesy tootsie packaging like I am, then you're going to love this!


The packaging is to die for! It's actually a flowerpot with a kitty popping out from inside. It's pink and it's irresistible! If you're wondering how small it is, it's actually 6 centimeters (2.4 inches) from top to bottom. A rough estimation would be the size of your ring finger. Tbh, I only wanted this for the container. The cream is just the bonus for me. It's actually a good buy because the container is reusable and what's better than a cute container you can put little stuff in? Apparently, nothing!

   To open the container, twist the upper part (the one where the kitty head lies) counterclockwise. The upper part is the lid, and realistically speaking, I think the concept is like magic. You know those magic shows where the magician saws a box in half, splitting the body of his assistant, who is inside the box, in half as well? Yeah, it's the same with this kitty. You twist its head and body apart.

   After you open it, there's a thin film of plastic before you get to the cream. I think the film is there to prevent the cream from sticking to the lid but I threw it away because it's just inconvenience whenever I use the hand cream. The cream itself is very moist, I must say. It has a slippery touch to it, too. It is white and plain. It is scented and is fragrant although the scent is very faint. Tbh, it smells like Johnson's baby lotion (the pink one) except this one has a hint of floral in it. I am in love with the scent, it's so addicting!

   The cream is soft on my skin. It takes 2 minutes for it to dry; I think that's quick enough. It does the job like any other moisturizers do. I don't know if you can see it in this photo but I tried my best to zoom it in as close as possible. Try to compare the first photo and the last one. See for yourself.

   If you're curious about the ingredients and other information about this product, you can check them out here:


• the container
• faint and long lasting floral scent
• a small amount goes a long way
• moisturizes my skin
• dries quickly
• cheap
• travel friendly
• zero stickiness


• Methylparaben (look it up)
• it only lasts for 2 hours max (personal)

Rate: 8.5/10

   I hope I was somehow helpful to you. Btw, we bought this from rubyruby76, an EBay seller, for $4.45! It's the cheapest we could find so go check it out if you're interested! See you on my next blogpost. A happy bear is a lucky bear. ♥



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