Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rambling: Watermark!

   Hello there, blogbear! It's me again! It's 12:36 AM ryt now and guess what? I am still up. I just finished reviewing English and I am happy to say the lessons were easy. Yehet! I just hope it flows like that 'til the end!

   Okay, so to the main point I go. Everybody knows I am new here, ryt? I'll tell you something you don't know: though I am new, I already have my own WATERMARK! How awesome is that? Now, I can rest assure that my photos won't get re-uploaded. Here I present to you my watermark!

   I hope you guys like it as much as I do. That's pretty much it. Sorry for wasting your time. I just wanted to share this news with you, blogbear! Oh, btw! I am going to make another post and it's going to be an item review(?). Well, more like an unboxing entry. Spoiler: it has something to do with KPOP. I'll be blogging 'til 1:30 AM so stay tuned! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥

Credits and Disclaimers: I got the bear doodle from VECTOR STOCK and my boyfriend just cropped and retracted it on Photoshop. Perks of dating a cyber geek /giggles/.



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