Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All Kpop: EXO Posters; UNBOXING!

   Annyeong, blogbear! As promised, I am going to make another entry. Wow! 2 entries in one day! Czarina, this is too much!
   This was actually a Christmas present my boyfriend got for me. We purchased this from another KPOP EBay seller, sale_train for $20, I think? The package wasn't delayed. It came here 3 weeks after it was shipped, which was on February 3rd. 

   We didn't order the posters separately. It was sold in a set of 12. These came from South Korea so that's one thing. Personally, I thought the quality is fair enough. I am more on the HQ side so I'd say this is a good buy. I was expecting it'd be printed in cheap paper or something but it was actually in glossy paper so props to that! I love how these weren't poorly collaged and how these don't have that tacky aura. Did I mention this is my first time getting KPOP posters? I am so glad I got these, even if they're not the official ones. I might buy the official ones next but for now, I'll be fine with these. 

   Should I rate these? This is just an unboxing entry so I guess I shouldn't. But I will make a remark! Umm, I love these posters. This is a good buy. I am totally satisfied. I can't wait to hang them on my wall! :-)

   I will make an update for when I already hang them. I wasn't able to stick them on my wall the moment I got them because I got a feeling my parents wouldn't allow me to use tape. I was a little disappointed so I thought I'd just keep them in my closet but my boyfriend and I researched on what to use to hang posters on the wall without damaging the walls and to our relief, STICKY TACK was there to save the day. And now, my sticky tack and 2 other KPOP related items, which I will be reviewing soon, are on the way! 

   Time to sleep now. Annyeong, blogbear! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥




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