Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All Kpop: BigBang Light Stick Version 3; REVIEW!

   Hello! It's me again, your bear cub. Y'all know I am just new, ryt? And tbh, I really can't sleep because of all this "blogger fever" (don't worry it's just something totally made-up). So, I figure I'd utilize this hype into something productive (or at least into something else lol). I, czarinabear of the blogging woods, will be making - drum roll, please! *insert drum roll here* - an item review! Can you believe it, guys? My first KPOP item review! YEHET~
   Okay, so y'all know BigBang, ryt? I mean, who doesn't? Eh? Eh? Anyone? Let me sing you the song of my VIP people: "Wow, Fantastic Baby!", "I, need, you! Baby, I'm not a monster!", "I hate this love song, I hate this love song. (x1000000)"

   Back to the item review, sorry, I am a bear with a short attention span. This item is like love at first sight. It's so... appealing and it just screams "buy me!" all over. So, being the gullible bear that I am, I bought it. Well, actually, my mom got it for me as a Christmas present. Before I start reviewing this item I just want to share a little story behind my BigBang light stick. (skip the next paragraph for the item review)

   We bought this light stick on EBay and believe me, this item was very hard to find because this was released on 2012 so it's kind of sold out now (almost). Not so long ago (Umpber, 2013) there were news that the Big Bang Light Stick Version 4 was going to be released around December that year. Of course, being the typical skeptic that I am, I did not entertain those news. So back to when we were buying the item. We bought this from koreapopfan, an EBay seller, on Christmas 2013 for idk $30+ (inclusive of shipping fee). And the day after that, which was December 26... the version 4 was released. Unfortunately, we can't cancel the order anymore because not only is it rude, but it's also very rude. And I don't think EBay allows cancellation of orders lol.

   I don't regret buying this. Because you know, I can always buy the version 4 since it's still available in shops UNLIKE the version 3, which is almost gone. So yeah, I advice you to buy the version 3 first because there's only like a few stock left, then save the version 4 for later.
   Hello? Are you still breathing? I think I just bored you to death *pokes you with a stick*. AHHH! It moved! Okay joke's over. Here's a picture of my light stick before I bore you to death some more.


   It actually came in a brown box, which I don't really have a picture of, and it's about the size of my leg (whatever, Czarina. As if they know what your body parts look like ugh!). Inside, it's covered with bubble wrap so you don't have to worry about the main box getting dents and damages. BUT, yes, big butt, inside the main box (the black one) lies the light stick and just the light stick. No bubble wrap or item support whatsoever. It's not the seller's fault. It's YG's fault, lol. The light stick rests upright inside and when you shake the cylinder box you can hear the item hit the walls of the box and and and I think that's very... poor packaging. But anyway, I guess the light stick is durable enough to not break inside the box. Plus, it comes with a keychain so I guess that justifies everything. JK!

    The item is made of plastic and the 5 beads pricked around the edges of the star/crown are made of... fake crystal beads. Fake in a good way, though, you don't expect YG to sell light sticks with real diamonds on them, okay? In the middle of the crown is a silver letter B, the handle is made of, again, plastic and so is the little black on/off button, which is also a letter B except it's small and black. The light stick is very well done. I got to hand it to you, it's very light, very creative, and unique! From a top view, it looks like a star. From a slightly tilted top view, it looks like a flower. And from a side view, it looks like a crown. How awesome is that? That's like, 3 in 1. My favorite part is the cylindrical box (what is wrong with me?). Idk, but I kinda like that box because it's covered with embossed little B's. On top of the lid is a printed letter B in white (you really wont see it in this picture, sorry). The quality of the light is not too bright and not too dim. It's just right, like baby bear's stuff.



• It's very light
• It's very unique
• Light is not too bright and is not too dim
• Though it's made of plastic it's very durable
• It comes with a keychain so that's one thing
• The box is awesome and so is the embossed little B's around it
• It's quite big for a light stick


• The item is at risk inside because there's no bubble wrap or any protection whatsoever that holds the item in place

RATE: 9/10

    I am sorry if I didn't do a great job on delivering this review. Like I said, I am just a dumb cub who is still budding in a garden of bloggers. I guess I'll improve the longer and the more often I blog. It's 3:33 AM now, time to sleep. After I end this blog, I promise I won't sleep this late ever again. I need to consider my health since I am feeling a lot of weird stuff around my body lately. Anyway, thanks for reading! Until next time! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥




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