Friday, April 11, 2014

Beauty: Kohl's Spa Holiday Set and Simple Pleasures' MarshmallowFluffHand Cream; Cheap Haul REVIEW!

Hello e-bear-ybody (whut?)! Today I am going to write about the cheap items I bought days ago. I like cheap stuff, I mean, who doesn't? Right? So let's get started!

   Here are the items I bought: Kohl's Spa Holiday set and Simple Pleasures Marshmallow Fluff hand cream!

First stop, Kohl's Spa Holiday set! I bought this at Kohl's for $5 because it was on sale. The awesome thing about this set is that it has free slippers and it's in pink! How could I resist? Plus, it comes with 2 beauty products, a body lotion and a shower gel, so that sealed the deal!

The packaging of the body lotion and shower gel is completely the same and is super cute! It's pink and it stands 6.5 inches from the bottom of the tube to the end excluding the cap and the excess flap. For the BODY LOTION, see other informations below!

From applying the lotion, my dry skin did soften as you can see in the picture below. It does every body lotion's work however its scent hurts my nose! It is fragrant but the scent is just too strong. It smells very citrusy, almost too acidic, and I think that is for middle-aged people's liking. I asked my mom how she feels about the scent and she loved it! 

   Another thing is that it doesn't last very long. After hours of having it on, the lotion flaked. I don't think lotions are suppose to do that. It wasn't dramatic flaking, but even so that's kind of a deal breaker.


• it softened my skin
• dries fast
• I got more than what I payed for


• it flaked a little after hours
• strong citrus scent

Rate: 5.5/10

Intimidated by the other half, I was very doubtful wether I should try the SHOWER GEL. I wanted to give it another shot so I tried it. The shower gel is very nice, though. The packaging is the same as the body lotion. See the ingredients below!

The consistency of the product is slightly watery and is transparent ㅡ almost like water in gel form. I applied it with a loofa and it didn't bubble that much which is completely understandable since it's not suppose to bubble like soap. It did smoothen my hand and left a faint scent on it. The scent faded after an hour.


• it does the job
• faint scent
• cheap


• it doesn't bubble that much

Rate: 7/10

   This HAND CREAM by Simple Pleasures is so attracting yet so intimidating. I bought this at Kohl's for $0.60. I know the packaging is cute but overly-cute packaging sometimes scares me lmao! 

The product is in a squeeze tube which is very hygienic. The consistency of the cream is diluted ㅡ the cream stays on my arm but it starts to feel like water when I spread it. It moisturizes but it takes forever to dry. The traumatic part is the scent. The slightest hint of its scent makes me retch. It has this weird fruit smell that has a synthetic odor to it, almost like plastic(?).

On the scientific side, it contains METHYLPARABEN. Yes, I should have discussed it when I posted my Mini Pet hand cream review but I didn't expect to encounter this ingredient again. Methylparaben is said to be found in breast tumors. I know it's not that much of an issue for a hand cream which we don't necessarily eat however your skin is made up of pores, every millimeter of your skin contains a lot of pores that absorbs and discharges toxins. If you apply a product that contains Methylparaben on your skin, then it is without a doubt entering your body by seeping through your skin then into your blood stream. Your blood travels everywhere ㅡ and your breasts are no exception. My Mini pet hand cream is probably the first and last hand cream that contains Methylparaben I'd ever use. I am raising awareness even if it seems very unlikely to happen.


• hygienic packaging


• watery texture
• its scent
• takes forever to dry
• methylparaben ingredient

Rate: 2/10

  I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I hope I was somehow informative. Will be posting more often so stay tuned! Btw, the stuffy's name is Ruffy ㅡ he's one of my cuddle buddies, lol! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥


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