Friday, August 8, 2014

Beauty: ECOTOOLS' Flat Foundation Brush; REVIEW!

   Hi blogbear! It has been a while since I last updated with a post. I have been very busy for the last 3 months but now I am back with lots to share! I will bulk post, oh yes, so stay tuned!

   Today I will be writing about Ecotools' Flat Foundation brush! I have eyed Ecotools' brushes for months now and I have been dying to buy one ever since. I have heard great reviews from people who bought these brushes and now I get to see and test it for myself!

   I'm going to write a short overview in case you haven't read my "makeup brushes for beginners" post. Ecotools brushes have been known for being eco-friendly, thus the name. The bristles are synthetic so basically the brushes are cruelty-free. The handles are made of bamboo and vary in length. Also, the aluminum pieces that connect the handles and the bristles are recycled. Plus, they use eco-pouches as packagingㅡhow cool is that? I guess we can just call this brush line the "good guy brush line".

   In my opinion, this is a decent brush. The bristles are soft and the brush itself is not hard to grip. The individual parts of the brush are well-crafted. On the aluminum piece, there's an embossed letter E which is very nice, and on the handle says "ecotools". Also, it holds liquid foundation well. I have washed it once and it didn't shed that much, thank god! However, my foundation becomes streaky when I apply it using this brush; I am guessing it's because the bristles are too stiff and are sticked close to each other. Not only that, but the bristles are too short that it takes time to evenly spread the foundation. 

   I may use this as a concealer brush, though, it works well with concealer. Other than that, I don't see anything this brush has to offer. For now, I will just stick to my cheap ol' Posh foundation brush.

   I had high expectations from Ecotools but I guess I spoke too soon. Anyway, I may have just gotten the wrong brush so I will buy another set and by then I'll be able to tell the real deal.


• eco-friendly
• cruelty-free
• doesn't shed that much
• soft bristles
• packaging
• holds foundation well
• affordable


• bristles are too stiff
• bristles are too short
• foundation becomes streaky when applied with this brush

Rate: 6/10

   That's it for this post! I bet you didn't expect that, haha. See you on my next entry! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥


  1. Great review dear...Thx for sharing..:-) I'm new follower hope you can follow me too) kisses

  2. lovely review sweety

  3. I love Ecotools brushes!! Thanks for the review and I've been following you for a long time already hun :)