Friday, March 28, 2014

Ramblings: CZARINABEAR'S My Perfect Imperfections Tag

   Annyeong blogbear! I hope you don't mind reading my personal entries but I tag you to do this one as well. I know I am 4 years late but it's better late than later! Today I will be reviving AndreaChoice's tag which is the "My Perfect Imperfections" tagㅡinstead of making a video and posting it on YouTube, I decided to just type it down because that works, too, right?

   Here's how it works: you jot down 3 things you dislike about yourself then cancel them out with 3 things you like about yourself. The goals of this tag are to help people accept their flaws and make them realize that everyone has insecurities. By the end of doing this tag, you should be able to feel good about yourself because you opened up and admitted that you are not perfect; the only way to kill these insecurities is to accept them. 

"Perfection is an illusion that blurs the beauty of mistakes." A little quote from me to you. :-)


• Underbite and Crossbite

   I have an underbite and I am not afraid to admit it! I have lived with it, got teased and badly bullied because of it, and mentally and emotionally accepted it. I will not hide the fact that it is indeed unattractive because it ruins my profile making me look like I have Down Syndrome or an ape however I am more concerned about the health conditions that come with itㅡit causes me headaches, chewing problems, and even trouble sleeping. Also, mine came with a speech impediment which hinders me from communicating sometimes. Moreover, my lower jaw would dangle sideways whenever I talk so it's a challenge blurting out words for me without slurring and looking hideous. I have a friend who makes fun of my flaws behind my back but that's just too bad for her. Those are pretty much why I don't like talking to people. 

• Flat Asian Nose

   Asian noses, as we all know, are flat and broad. I got to hand it to you but mine isn't just flat and broad... it's small, snouty, and extra flat as well. It compliments my underbiteㅡmaking my face look more squished to my skull, emphasizing how defective my face is. 

• Lazy Eye

   This is my most recent discovery about my features: my lazy eye. No, I don't have those medical conditions that come with Amblyopia BUT I do have the wonky-donkey eye. Most of the time, my eyes are normal and aligned but other times... they're just off like way off! Research says that it is genetic and worsen by READING A LOT OF BOOKSㅡtherefore, I am guilty!

• Forehead

   You can land a plane on my forehead!

• Scoliosis

   I am one of those lucky ducks who have scoliosis. Not only does mine cut my height an inch short but also hunches my left upper back higher than the otherㅡit's a drag picking clothes, too, because some types of clothes would hang weirdly on me. My scoliosis also causes me health problems like back pains, slight rib deformity, and of course, trouble sleeping. Also, if I stand or sit too long I would feel an intense pressure in the middle of my spine and it would feel like as if my spine is going to snap!

• Thighs

   I used to get compliments on my thighsㅡused to. My thighs were like Marilyn Monroe's a year ago, now, they're just plain massive. But they'll come to my likes again once I lose weight! :)


• Eyebrows

   I have been praised for having great eyebrows since my fetus era. My eyebrows are as thick as Delevingne's but they curve in a sassy way! Also, the hairs on my brows perfectly fill the spaces and are rooted in the right places. I could go out without combing, plucking, and filling my brows and they'd still look good.

• Cheekbones

   I have 2 cheek muscles lying on the right places of my face. They are not too high or too low and they are round like cherries. My friends used to call me cheekbones back then, even my mom told me I have nice cheekbones. 

• Dimples

   They may just be dents but they're my dents! I think my dimples are cuteㅡthough I have 4 of them, only one is visible when I talk or smile.

• Hair Color

   I know that it is common for Asians to have dark hair with reddish brown strands but mine is a tad bit different; my hair would shine a red glow by the day. I also got a lot of compliments on my hair;I had classmates who thought I dyed my hair. They would always ask me if I did and whenever I would say I didn't they would say "but your hair is reddish" and I think that is enough proof that my hair color is deeply likable.

• My Mind

   What I don't have on my face, I make up in my mind. Yes, my all-time pride rests inside my head! I was one of the top-notchers back in high school, I was a badminton varsity player, and I can play the piano. I am quite good in math but I am best in public speaking. I had this mind set in high school that I will never keep quiet whenever I see injustice and I never did. I was hated for that but I regret nothing! I am quite good in chess as well, I have beaten most of the best chess players in our class including my boyfriend. I was, and still am, terrifyingly outspoken and I always stood up for justice. Always meant to be a lawyer, haha!

• My Personality

   If you ask every boy who asked me out why they liked me they would all tell you a common denominatorㅡI have a magnetic personality. Believe it or not but I am the ends of both extremes!  I am energetic yet I am demure, I speak my mind yet I have playful secrets, I am eccentric yet I am relatable, I am an outgoing athlete yet I am a passive pianist. There is just no in between! You think that if you meet me I might confuse you with who I am but I am actually no one in particular, I am just fun and bipolar! To sum it all up, I am gutsy, mad, and nice. :)

   I TAG YOU 10x TO DO THIS! I WANT TO READ YOURS, TOO! That's it for this post, see you on my next one! A happy bear is a lucky bear! ♥


  1. Our flaws are what makes us PERFECT! Nobody is perfect! Great post dear, you are so brave to write about your flaws! You look beautiful in your profile photos btw :)
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  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice comment, but that one is a Wildfox's fashion model, it is not me ;)
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